Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Cloudes, Hills and Birds...

Lyrebird obscured by bush.This morning, the good-looking one and I took a friend to CloudeHill gardens and nursery. Sprawling over several acres this garden has some wonderful sights to see. Beautifully manicured garden beds, hedges, all kinds of exotic plants and trees, not to mention the many sculptures and pottery placed around the gardens. On the walk we were privileged to see a Lyrebird foraging in the scrub. I wasn't able to get a decent clear shot, as it was overcast and the bird was obscured by bushes, but hopefully soon I may be better prepared...go here to see (and read) a bit more

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Meeting REAL people!

Link to a photo I took last night after the meet-up
"Meet at Babble cafe at 7pm look for other bloggers near the entrance" was what the email said...an interesting concept, meeting people you don't really know (except perhaps through some comments left or browsing their internet sites) - certainly I didn't know what anyone else looked like...so I go to the appointed spot at the appointed time, and sort of hang around a bit looking lost...the nice waitress says "Are you looking for someone?" I said: "Possibly" She said "Perhaps you are looking for me?" I laughed and said "Yes, I could be, but I think I'm meant to be meeting some bloggers here at 7..." "Some what?" she said...I said "Ah yes, sorry...a group of people that keep online journal-type thingies on the Internet who have a mutual connection of actually living in or near the same city (in this case Melbourne) and keeping blogs." "Ah..." she said knowingly, with a little grin..."nerds!" I laughed again and said "Yes, perhaps!" Note ~ yes, Down, I'm sure that term was meant to mean computer nerds! LOL. I sat at the front counter looking out to the street and contemplated my beer, wondering if anyone else would turn up. After a few minutes Brian arrived and we got chatting. Then Joseph turned up a bit later on. This was the first time any of us had attended a weblogger meet-up, so we weren't sure exactly what was meant to happen or how many to expect, but it seemed like just us...however at about 10 to 9 Matt also turned up. If anyone else turned up after that I don't know, as I left soon after to catch up with my bro-in-law who worked as a chef at a nearby restaurant...it was nice to chat with people who at least knew what a blog was, and the guys were very nice. It was a bit disappointing that more people didn't turn up, but lifes like that...
The venue was nice, the staff were friendly and helpful and the chips I ordered were tasty...Brian had a fish dish that looked very nicely presented, but you would have to ask him how it tasted. All in all, it was a pleasant couple of hours spent chatting with some nice people whom I had never meet before. One thing, it got me out of the house and away from the computer for a while which is a change! *grin*

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Fake quiz results, courtesy of meg


When you were a child you were totally irrational and drove your parents up the wall. You still are and still do (well your Mother anyway) You have blue eyes that could stand a chance of being attractive if they didn't clash with the bloodshot glaze they often have from staring at the computer too long. Your feet smell and you should really consider revising your facial hair. You are the one who thinks backwards.

The one who thinks backwards

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

How is everyone?

The inner fernGood I hope! Life is still rather hectic, but good, yes...Good. Health and happiness are with me and my loved ones, so I am extremely fortunate. I was also fortunate to have been given another Photo Friday "noteworthy" for their Atmosphere theme, which was very nice (and a bit surprising considering the other excellent images I saw that were entered). That forest sure gives some wonderful photo opportunities! I took a photograph of the cross-section of a fern-tree that has been lying fallen in our garden for a while now. My quest for overlooked, unusual scenes from life continues! Cheers all!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Playing around with my wife's pumpkin....

YES! It's a Pumpkin!I had to strike quickly...having contemplated the subject matter for a couple of days, but not done anything, I knew time was of the essence when I noticed my wife getting ready to make soup! While she wasn't looking, I grabbed my camera and my prize, my precious, and ran to another room....(read more here)

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Caught in the Headlights

Bus Headlight Photograph at aporealityof life, just running as fast as I can to catch up with myself...at least I still have time to take the odd photograph here and there! I hope everyone else is keeping sweet! Back soon!
Just as an aside - I got this in my SPAMBOX today ~
Subject: **SPAM** projectilevomit On Sale Now, All New Digital Cable Descrambler.
What on earth has projectilevomit got to do with Digital Cable Descramblers?? I guess theres no inherent logic to Spammers tactics (unless the lack of inherent logic is their logic)