Thursday, August 07, 2003

Chopping Wood...

warms you up so much that you feel you don't need to light the fire after all! You never miss your water until you're dry, and I'm always right except when I'm wrong...These and other strange paradoxes of life will be addressed in due course, maybe...I did say originally that I was going to retrospectively fill you in, dear reader, on the events that happened inbetween my last old diary entry on my site ~ see old archives --> and the brand new blogger blog...errr diary. Well I will, soon...probably starting with the tale of how Aunt Lorna blew up the toilet. Yes, that's worth telling, I think...stay tuned! Of course the "dear reader" may well turn out to be just little old me, but hey, this sort of thing (blogging) is the diary of the now these days isn't it? (I just choose to make mine publicly visible in case anyone ever stumbles upon it),
Cheers! :-)>


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