Saturday, August 02, 2003

Wonderful, it finally works! Thank you blogspot. Funnily enough, not one, but TWO power-outages occured tonight while I was attempting to set this up. Amazing my drive didn't eat itself....TOUCHWOOD!...must invest in a UPS at some stage....bloody privatised electricity companies...grrrr. Anyway the wife is practicing her piano lessons on a tinny electronic keyboard as the old upright's works are away having a major refurbish. Boy will I be glad to have the piano back working...the sound of this keyboard...arrrgghhh! (It's broken so you can only get really cheap tones out of it that sound like those novelty casio keyboards the size of a pencil box from the 80's) :-(>
I wonder what I was doing wrong with the ftp thing...oh well, I may never know. I will just link to here from my site for the diary thing...L8TR! While I'm at it I'll change the template a tad (hope I don't break it) to point back the other way.


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