Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The Day the Duck Blocked The Toilet....(with my Elderly Aunt's help)

Flashback to 2 months ago...my Mother brings my Aunt to visit...first thing she does is go to the toilet. My better half has a prediliction for blue toilet water. (stay with me, it all ties together) I don't know how this became marketable, but someone, somewhere obviously cottoned on to the fact that there was a consumer desire for coloured toilet water...it really escapes me though...it's not as if your shit is going to look any better against a blue backdrop...oh well...
Anyway! There's this thing called a "toilet duck" which hangs over the rim of the toilet and whenever a flush is performed it colours the water blue. HOWEVER ~ on this particular occasion, the plastic doover that holds it on the rim broke and the device must have been flushed into the pipes...to become firmly lodged somewhere...later in the day the toilet became terminally blocked...thanks to a visiting Aunt and a useless plastic device! Needless to say, my advice to anyone who has one of these hanging on the rim of their dunny is to get rid of it, stat! Many hours of plumbing and a new toilet later...and finally we had a working toilet back....*sigh* I'm still waiting on the plumber's bill...no doubt I'll have to sell my car, or my first born or something...


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