Sunday, August 17, 2003


was busy but extremely interesting. We had a lady who had a serum potassium that was dangerously complicate matters she had paranoid ideation that we were out to kill her. She was really very sweet, but was totally out of her doubt due to her profound electrolyte imbalance. Whilst talking with other patients behind the almost-useless-for-privacy-curtains, she would repeat everything that was said in the conversation, often adding embellishments of her own, such as "oh yes, now that's a good plan" or "and they think that will work? Hmmm..." If she had not been so ill it would have been quite funny...she would also make a running commentary on everything going on in the area. As her electrolytes stabilise, the delusional state she was suffering from should abate, and she will behave in a more appropriate way ~ hopefully. I may find out tomorrow, as there are no beds available on the wards so there will be a backlog of patients needing admission...which means the ED basically becomes a "holding ward"


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