Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Good Morning

No doubt I will make spelling mistakes and will not care. I am bleary eyed and really should go to bed but it's 0920HRS and i hate going to bed this early...but my auto-pilot will guide me there soon I'm sure, out of sheer exhaustion. My wife gave me orders to go to bed before she left to drop the children off to school and then go to see her ex-piano teacher for a cuppa, chat and tinkle of the ivories. She looked quite ravishing in her white skivvy this morning...I don't know what it is about white, but it does seem to accentuate my wife's mammalian protruberances...mmmm. She said her boobs were bazooka boobs at the moment due to immenent womanly things to do with the lunar cycle. The rise and fall of the roman empire...I don't really jknow why I said that. See? My brain going silly, or sillier. Night shift, it does weird things to your perceptual and cognitive processes. Even though I have worked the last three nights (and quite constantly contrary to popular misconceptions that night shifts are quiet in hospitals) I am not working tonight and don't want to waste half of the day in bed, but bed is where I will end up I know. If only to appease my wife's and her bazooka boobs concerns regarding my physiological health. She gave up on the psychologiucal side of things years ago. The philosophical side of my persona just makes her shake her head in bemusement.
I never did post an image of electrical alternans. Ha! Direct current reversion of SVT there's a thing. Did that to a fellow the other night. Knock 'em out with a light G.A. make sure the defib's in SYNC mode and whoomp - give em a zap. Worked second time, good-o and the bloke didnt feel (or remember a thing) Ahhh what else...nothing much. Nights Nights nights...lot's of people coming in at 2 in the morning with naff things like sore throats and the like...real G.P. stuff. Helloooo, this is an EMERGENCY department...what is critical about a sore throat that you've had for a couple of days? A sore throat developed very recently from accidently swallowing hydrochloric acid or something I understand...but a bog standard sore throat? PLEEEAASE! Build a bridge...get over it...
Arggghhh. Better go to bed, Mr. Cranky sarcastic is raising his ugly persona. Heh. OH Stu's having a Dorian Grey sort of meme thingy on his site...check it out. I will dig up some photos of moi from the past to the present to show so i can join in too...fun fun fun. Gotta go gotta go got to g to bed now.
Thanks to my recent commenters...in my last post from a couple of weeks back gee I'm slack.
Oh and I heard Hunter S Thompson commited sideways. So it goes. Gonzo journalism...I tried to read Fear and Loathing in LA once, couldn't get into it...perhaps i wasn't stoned enough....


Blogger Gary Williams said...

Spectactularly better to read Fear and Loathing while stoned...not sure it would make any sense otherwise.

23/2/05 15:18  

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