Tuesday, January 25, 2005


...via Brandon Stone's post at blog.photoblogs.org, The Thought Project by Simon Hoegsberg is a fascinating online gallery come social experiment in photography and humanity.
"Over a period of 3 months I stopped 150 strangers on the street and asked them what they where thinking about the second before I stopped them. Using a mic and a dictaphone I recorded what they told me, then took a picture of them. 55 of the 150 thoughts are presented on this website as quotes. All quotes state exactly what I was told during the interviews. The interviews took place in Copenhagen, Denmark and New York City."

Check it out, it's fascinating.

Oh...yes, I'm still here...life is continually throwing surprises and time-consuming exploits at me, which is a good thing I suppose as it keeps me out of mischief (even though I'm getting too old for the kind of mischief I used to get up to!) - unfortunately it keeps me from other things I like doing and other responsibilities, but I guess that's life sometimes, especially when you are spinning so many plates in the air at once as one of our friends put it. I am still managing to update my photoblog however...
Stay well all...


Blogger Gary Williams said...

Hey, Cameron, maybe it's a new year?

I've gotten interested in a music programming language/synthesizer, ChucK. I downloaded it from Princeton, where they're writing the program. Unfortunately, like all programmers, the documentation sucks -- so I decided to start a blog...

Beginning ChucK (http://b-chuck.blogspot.com)-- Gary

25/1/05 18:01  

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