Saturday, December 11, 2004

Woolly Headed

I'm not sure what is going on...last night I did a "double shift" in E.D. as they were short one R.N. and couldn't replace them, so I was at work from 13:00 HRS to 07:15 HRS this morning...needless to say I'm a bit more woolly-headed than normal. To add to my confusion I don't seem to be able to access the photoblog (notReality) The firefox browser, normally as speedy as anything is taking forever to open it...denial of sevice attack? Some bot spidering the site? - that shouldn't take more than a couple of milliseconds, so I don't think that could be the cause of the slowdown...
Oh well. Not much I can do. I will have to wait until things are back to normal (whatever that is) before I can upoad any new photos. Work has been remarkable in its unremarkable nature since I have been back ~ nothing interesting or exciting to report at all!


Blogger Gary Williams said...

I found a link in Geekpress to a site giving FireFox optimizing tips (including a way to increase the cache size) and posted the link
There's a magic address: if you type about:config in the location box, you get a list of internal variables you can change. There are some references to other gadgets in FireFox that might speed it up too...

14/12/04 14:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just stopped in to say that I've always really liked the term "woolly headed" for some reason.


10/1/05 02:37  
Anonymous James said...

I like the term 'woolly headed' so much that I have invented the word 'eliocephalocratic' (from the Greek) to refer to those who vote for political parties you consider most detached from reality. It's a bit of a mouthful, but I think it fills a need.

12/5/05 17:45  

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