Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My brother Ian...

has lost the plot I think. He used to have a mildly entertaining website, but he's gone and trashed it on a whim. Just like he did with his relationship with half of his family. Like Dad married my Mother after his first wife died and had my sister and I (not in that order) just to upset his private fucking universe. Like our father died from cancer at 62 and it only affected him...oh, I don't know what he thinks really.
That's right folks - I'm getting a bit of angst off my chest brother...At least Roger and David are relatively normal and I know I love and respect them for who they are. I don't know how I feel about Ian anymore....arggghhh! His cynical bullshit negativity is rubbing off on me...all the way from America! stop...
This is some of the sad stuff he has left on his site...come to think of it, it's not that much different from any of the other stuff he used to crap on about there...
I used to take this seriously, but now it just bores me. Personal websites are a pain in the neck mostly. I paid for the domain name, so I might as well use it. As for anyone being interested in anything I do, I don't care. I'm gonna put out a new CD next month so you can get that if you want it. Most people will probably hate it, but I don't care. I don't have to please anyone.I like it, that's all that matters. People are stupid. The music business is full of left wing sympathisers who don't understand what is going on in the world. NOT THAT I EVEN CARE ANYWAY. I'm just sick of these idiots harping on all the time about how bad George Bush and America is, I can't fucking stand it. People who I used to call my friends, family, they're all afflicted with the same zombie-like ideas. It's horrible. The worst thing is that you can't reason with these people. They know that they are right and that's that. Ok, well maybe I'll look for other people who agree with me, so that I can have an intelligent conversation without it all being a conspiracy or a big joke.

There must be people out there who are on the same wavelength. I know there are at least a couple. Maybe we can start a new music business comprised of people who aren't brain dead, Neo Hippie, punk fools.


What I want to know is - when did my eldest brother, the cool musician, the hip, intelligent one, the one who I really used to admire and want to be able to play the piano like...when did he stop being someone who listened to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the rest, when did he transmogrify from the person who wrote such incredible pieces of surrealistic pop like "I want to be a Dining Room" - when did that person I thought I knew become such a red-neck, right-wing arsehole?


Blogger FXH said...

dunno if this is usful - but Zappa was always a right wing arsehole.

Beefheart, on the other hand, is brillaint.

27/12/04 01:36  

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