Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Too tired to...

Post anything intelligent, so I'll be VERY LAZY and post a reply to a friend asking about the image referred to in the last post (and a potential Melbourne cup winner) that I made in Renderosity's Photography forum this morning before I went to work...
Why do I do it to myself? We had a cup-eve ball last night, a fund raiser for the primary school, and Jane and I stayed out 'til 0130HRS - now it's just gone 0600hrs and I'm up for work! (Saying that, it's Jane that has the hangover this morning, not me!) Tedz, me old Kiwi mate, I rekon it's going to be Makabe Diva, but for an outside bet, try a flutter on Runaway Girl too ~ now don't blame me if these horsies don't come in...Gambling only pays when your winning...(have to thank old Miss March for schooling a failure)
P.S. Tedz, not my own spaceship, no...just one a friend of mine from Beetleguise IV loans me every now and then so we can do our annual inter-galactic jaunts to our favoured holiday spot Mintaka (in Orion's belt, you get a wonderful view of M42) - that's my wee-un doing a pre-flight check...
cheers all!
*note - there was NO such horse as Runaway Girl in the cup...I must have been trippin' (Oh and Makybe Diva or however you spelt her name did win)


Blogger hidden said...

CONGRATULATIONS President George W. Bush !!!

3/11/04 13:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh very funny...he he he ho ho ho *laughing all the way to Armageddon*

3/11/04 14:11  

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