Monday, November 01, 2004


Well, I was well chuffed today, as the wonderful FILE MAGAZINE an excellent online photography magazine, included one of my photographs in it's collection, and it's featured on their "front page" too, at least for a couple of days, until a new one is uploaded on Wednesday. Thanks to the people at FILE!
In other news, we discovered a few bees trying to make a new hive in our chimney. Not wanting to spray the dear things, we simply lit a couple of candles in the hearth and that seemed to give them the idea to find another spot to get busy. Tonight we are going to a Cup-Eve dinner-dance thingo, to raise money for our local primary school, should be a wizz-bang event! Your intrepid reporter shall divulge all the gossip in the morrow, after my AM shift...AM shift, damn! I can't get too merry, oh well...


Blogger meg@mandarin said...

You were off the cover by the time I got there but I looked through ALL of the photography. They have an excellent layout and navigation. Yours was easy to find but I lingered.

4/11/04 16:12  

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