Monday, October 04, 2004

Moaning Monday...

Today is "abdo pain" Moaning Monday with one particularly vociferous case in the corner cubicle thanks very much. The other morning was compound fracture of the greater toe Saturday - facilitated by the swiftly rotating blades of lawn mowers. 2 cases exactly the same except for the foot (one on the left, one on the right foot - the feet in question on two different patients I should add, of course) Strange how cases present in statistical clumps. It's like runs of sequential numbers coming up in the lotto. Today, however, as I have previously mentioned, is moaning Monday...More later...
Later - after throwing a fair amount of morphine into this person's veins, as well as maxalon, Hyoscine(buscopan) and more morphine, the treating doctor decided IV Diazepam was in order...good move, it gave us at least 1 hours semi-quiet whilst the patient in the corner snored. It was soon after this respite that another patient in CT decided to go off their nut, rip their IV out, spraying blood everywhere, assault the medical imaging nurse and generally tell everyone to fuck off at the top of her voice repeatedly. Yes dear, it was one of those days at the office. *Delerious grin*


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