Friday, September 24, 2004

The Wheelchair with the Dud Wheels....

I was in triage yesterday, and one of our clerks came in from the ambulance bay telling me a woman was very concerned as her husband was "in trouble" and needed helping out of his car. The car was in the car park across the road (not at the patient pick-up point where I thought it was) Legally we are not covered if we go off the hospital grounds to attend a patient, but what are you meant to do, let him (potentially) die while he waits for an ambulance? I said "stuff it" grabbed a wheelchair and crossed the road to help the guy out of his car, he was pale sweaty and having chest pain. I wheeled him back to the department, straight into the monitored "chest pain" area so we could assess him and start treatment if needed. He was OK luckily. I thought I might arrest though, after pushing a 90kg guy in a wheelchair with under-inflated wheels a hundred meters and then up the steep incline to our department! (Why do you always get the dud wheelchair?)
This was actually posted as a comment to a new blog I discovered the other day called I-Tach, courtesy of Mike, the blog's owner visiting this site and leaving a message on a previous post (Noise). Check out Mike's site, it's a good'n!


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