Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bum Bum Bummer

More sleep deprivation. Two wet beds (not mine) the night so cold you could snap the air with a cough....then at 0500hrs I hear a ruckus in the chicken shed...a fox had claimed 3 of our 4 chickens before I could pull on some boots and stagger up in my half-asleep state. I'm really not that fond of Winter, a lot of things seem to go a bit pear-shaped.
Many thanks to dj, who's brother is also an emergency nurse, Kat, bryn who's also an ER nurse's sibling (I can't remember if you told me that before or not bryn...) and of course meg for their visits and comments. I love you all!


Blogger Kat said...

We love you, too.

D*mned foxes.

8/6/04 03:58  
Blogger bryn said...

yes i told you b4 re bevan - it is so hectic in that er that it is mandated for each nurse to work 2 overtime shifts per pay period...

9/6/04 06:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds funny to hear about winter weather when we're buring up with summer weather here.

Foxes are cool creatures... until they eat your chickens.

Have a great day


13/6/04 03:44  

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