Monday, June 21, 2004


Splash! 18 06 04Uhhhh...Cough...ACK...sorry, ummm cough cough COUGH, AhhhhCHOOOO, cough....this is a picture of my nose dripping...sorry that's probably a bit gross isn't it. (and not really true either is it?) Ummmm. Too stuffed upand muzzy headed to say anything much more. Oh yeah, thanks Amy, I will stop taking photographs and go to bed and yes, I am a very bad patient! (Poor Janey)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo - new comments thing.

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your photo blog. Was looking at it this morning thinking how I would love to do something similar... then I remembered that Anth always has the camera on his person.

(Note to self: Buy camera of own.)

But anyway, excellent work Cam.

Maia :-)

24/6/04 08:53  
Blogger hijacked frequencies said...

hope you feel better soon. it was 85 degrees here today. think warm thoughts.

28/6/04 10:59  

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