Wednesday, June 16, 2004

VERY silly stuff...(W.I.P.)

Mad Diary Drawings...
The madness of the web allows me to drag up all sorts of crazy detritus from my past and expose it to innocent victims who may accidently enter the wrong url. It seems I can't help myself. ~ I have had these old diaries from my teen years in my possesion, carting them from residence to residence in boxes for a long time now...finally scanning them and arranging them in some sort of navigable structure has occupied a few hours of this evening, because I am quite simply, probably a bit bonkers...I think I will continue to gather these pages together in electron land, just for a wheeze...if interested, you can be exposed to the beginning construction of this not-so-great work here To actually access the diary entries/drawings you have to navigate from the image map of one of my diary covers on the index page, you know when you are over a link when your pointer becomes a hand...I have done this to be either 1. Mysteriously obscure or 2. A pain in the arse...or 3. All of the above...stay well, and thanks for checking in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're either a genious or a madman. :0)


17/6/04 02:29  
Blogger PunkClown said...

Or both Kat!...myahahahahaha!
Thanks for popping in!

19/6/04 10:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a good place to hide

24/6/04 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool..I'll check out the Obsure Genius Madman Map sometime soon!

Twisted though it may be, if we were all so creative with our teen years, the world would probably be more interesting and fun..
Well, it would for all people with above-average intelligence, as you were most likely a genius in those years too! ;-)

26/6/04 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


26/6/04 15:26  

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