Sunday, July 04, 2004

Slacking Off!

Jana has seen what I have done (or not done as the case really may be, truth be told). Shit, I'd make a really BAD politician, this habit of truth-telling. Any way it's all Jana's fault (what is to follow) ~ I am slacking off at work ~ having first, I should state, attended to my duties of drug-dispensing, sphygmamometering, pathology result retrievaling and various sundry other activities. Having been told by my friend, the aforementioned Jana that she has noted a lack of input to this blog, I thought I would enter something now....

There, I've gotten that off my chest! I feel much happier now. I'm on 7 days straight at the moment, currently on my 4th shift which is the 2nd of 5 0700hr starts in a row. I am definitely feeling (if not getting) too old for this shift work shit at the moment.
The good news is that the children seem to be giving us a reprieve from their "sleep-deprivation for parents" experiments. That is good. The bad news is, I don't know how long that will last. I suspect we are being lured into a false sense of security as part of a new devious direction in their experiments.
Good heavens! I have just looked at Mike's uvula (that dangly bit in the throat that is often depicted vibrating in cartoons whenever a character has their mouth wide open screaming or yodelling) Some people mistakenly think of this structure as the tonsills, well it's not, it's the UVULA, and Mike has a really big one. I wouldn't have known, but Jana suggested I check it out. Seriously I'm impressed. Happy Birthday for last week too Mike, Happy birthday to you and your majestic uvula. Anyway, I think I have raved on enough at the moment. I should really see if there is any work to be done now...catch you all later. BTW Happy Independence day holiday for all my firends in the ol' U.S. of A!
Now I should think about what photographs I can take later in the day to post in the old photoblog that has also been neglected recently...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's fitting that, on this post about slacking off, I should read it over a week after it's written, and post a comment.
That was a good SOMETHING. Nice to catch up on this blog, as well as the photoblog. (I've also read the latest entry here, and hope that your sprain is healing well.)
Take the stuff "as per usual", even if I'm a bit quiet lately. You rock!

p.s. My belief is that shift work is only *suited* to the 19-24yr age bracket or insane! I also know that these two groups would heartily applaud your discription of it as "shift work shit". Yet somebody's gotta do it. Cheers for you and all the others who remain sleep-deprived, just so that someone who has super-glued their contact lense to their eye in the middle of the night does not go blind!

15/7/04 00:54  

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