Monday, July 05, 2004


Well, after work yesterday I met my family and some friends at the local footy oval, where inbetween the quarters I had a kick to kick with Jezza (one of my our friends boyfriend) On the first kick Jezza sent to me, I misjudged the catch and got the full force of the ball coming down from a high arc onto my tensed extended forearm, causing a hyperextension of my arm at the elbow joint which basically gave me a bad sprain. Last night my arm was pretty useless and the discomfort is considerable, so I had to visit work as (a patient) today to get it reviewed. I should remember that I'm not a spring chicken anymore, and should warm up a bit at least before considering doing any kind of moderately physical sport. I'll get over it.


Blogger Kat said...

Not a spring chicken? Well, surely not a fall turkey, though, eh?

In all seriousness it's amazing how now (at 38) I can squat to pick something up and feel my knees threatening to lock up. What a drag it is getting old... (Everybody sing!)

8/7/04 06:33  
Blogger Kat said...

I left you a comment earlier, it said it would post and never showed up. Unfortunately it was too silly to repeat - now I'm just testing, really.

8/7/04 07:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a game for you....

Maia :-)

9/7/04 09:38  
Blogger Mike said...

For being American, I like to think I keep myself relatively aware of things outside of our U.S. social sphere, color me ignorant but...

I have no clue what a "footy oval" or a "kick to kick" is. My assumption is that is has to do with football/soccer or rugby, both sports (for some reason) that don't have the following in the U.S. that they have in the rest of the world.

Spring chickens and hyperextensions I know, though. I feel your pain!

27/9/04 00:03  
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