Friday, September 24, 2004

Skyline with Elephant Cloud

I almost forgot, I put this together for Stu who has started a Skyline View meme on his site. This is basically the view we see (seasonal and weather variations notwithstanding) looking east from our balcony. We're pretty fortunate really. You can see the larger version here
Skyline View with Elephant Cloud
And just to show it's not just tree-tops that we get to see, here is a panorama of the view of the local farmland that one can see if they travel up the main road from our place a kilometer or so...
Skyline View of Local Framland
The larger version of this image can be seen here
You can all the skylines submitted to the Skyline thingy so far together in this Skyline Project Viewer - thing to facilitate your scene perusal pleasure! Get down!, get up again! go sideways....huh?


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