Saturday, October 23, 2004

Party animals...

It seems like all we do is go to birthday parties lately...Grandad Jack's 80th, my nephews 30th, my nieces 5th (hell, I think she's 5...I am hopeless at remembering these things) Whatever...I am officially partied out. Then I go and visit Chapel Perilous via Melissa's blog Butterfly Teeth and get the shit scared out of me...I won't spoil it, but do not go here if you have problems with your heart. Really. Bsti is an interesting character, I wonder if he has read Robert Anton Wilson, the author who first introduced me to the idea of "chapel perilous" many years ago...besides his thought provoking Cosmic Trigger stuff (btw ~ three volumes? I only have one) the laughs I got from the Shrodinger's Cat and Illuminatus trilogies was just too good!
Ah well, more later...back to the exciting world of the emergency department tomorrow....Oh I nearly forgot, a fellow came to triage the other day with malfunctioning chakras! I'm not sure what he thought our medicos could do about that...I hope he found some help with it anyway. My chakras are no doubt fucked up good and proper by now...time for some serious chakra realignment!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"malfunctioning chakras"

LOL No way!

Who triaged him? What did they say?

Hahahahahhaa. :-D


24/10/04 06:23  
Blogger PunkClown said...

Hi Maia! re: "who triaged them?" Well, it would have had to have been either John or Jana, as they seem to get all the good'uns! It was John, I'm fairly sure...

24/10/04 09:43  
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