Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Let them eat cake

Eating Cake
It has been a weekend for parties, both celebratory and political. The right wing have gotten back into power in Australia, which is an unpleasant fact that I am resigned to. I am usually not political in my blog, as there are plenty of pundits out there making their respective points. Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has got one...
I still find it hard to accept that a political stance that will lock children away behind barbed wire for years because they happened to arrive in Australia via a leaky boat with their parents and rationalize this inhuman (and illegal within the agreed International laws) with so much cynical rhetoric is a good one. In actual fact I find it and the continual lying and whitewashing of the facts by our current world leaders to be morally reprehensible and may I say, tainted with a touch of EVIL...That's right boys and girls you heard right, evil! - To claim to fight for freedom and justice on one hand and blatantly ignore and subvert it in your own backyard at the same time is not just hypocritical, it's something far worse.
You can disagree with me if you like, as is your democratic right, but you had better have a bloody good argument to justify yourself if you disagree on my turf here, because I might just call you rude names! Ahhhh, stuff it all...let them eat cake!


Blogger Jer said...

I'm not sure if I should be glad that this problem isn't just in the US.

It gets old... i just can't wait for Nov 3rd... so we don't have to hear about this stuff for 2 years...

13/10/04 00:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Jer. I'm so sick of politics it's not even funny. I envy that your elections are over, even if they didn't go the way you'd like. We've all had terms like that...


13/10/04 05:37  
Blogger bryn said...

here here me son

16/10/04 08:26  

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