Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Chakra Update

I have just had a chat with John, who triaged the fellow with the malfunctioning chakras (see previous entry). To set the record straight, "malfunctioning chakras" was not his presenting problem/complaint; he had actually presented to ED on the insistence of his son, as he had been generally unwell for a few weeks. The patient himself told John he thought his symptoms of general unwellness were caused by malfunctioning chakras.
As it turned out he had some significant electrolyte imbalances as well as malfunctioning chakras, which may have had just a little bit to do with his symptoms!
Today: In monitored area. No of patients currently: 0. Plan: Going for a meal break.
Later: The printer beside this computer is going crazy, printing out Powerpoint hazmat documents by the dozen...I don't know why, Maree only wanted a few, but that's Mico$oft programs for you! (of course it could be the operator) There is an acronym that tech support staff have been known to use: PBCAC which stands for Problem Between Chair & Computer.
There are many politically incorrect acronyms in many fields, Emergency medicine not being immune. PFO, PAFO & GPFO are variations of one that once was commonly used and which basically stood for "Became inebriated and involuntarily attained a horizontal orientation with/without traumatic injury"


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