Sunday, November 07, 2004

HERO and my "guest blogger" wife

Jane is playing the piano as I sit at the computer. Beth and Paul had the girls for the night so we went to the movies and saw "Hero" ~ lovely cinematography, slightly silly story at times but mostly quite enjoyable on the big screen.
And now as a special GUEST BLogger - my beautiful wife!
I hope the sun comes out!!! Sick of this rain, drip, drip, drip. Rode the horse the other week. My poor old horse Kelly is having troubles with her legs so I may have to make that horrible decision but if the weather gets warmer maybe she'll be OK. Must give her a bit more attention. Get complacent at times and have had her since I was eleven.
Dragged Cam out to the Cup Eve ball to raise money for the school. It was good fun and we danced to some band called INZANITY. We had a scare with the youngest the other night. I was up locking up the chooks, Cam was asleep and No.1 child was watching telly. Came inside and was stuffing around in the girls brothel of a bedroom trying to tidy it up and thought "hmmm that girl is very quiet???" We called out etc. etc. with no answer so I woke Cam up. Looking in cupboards under beds etc. getting a wee bit anxious. it was right on dusk 2015HRS (Daylight Savings Time) - Cam runs off down the road in his mockies (Moccassins) to look for her and then the phone rang and my piano teacher (two houses down the road) tells me that she has a "little visitor" THANKGOD she was alright. Funny thing was she had on her head band and her fluffy handbag. I'm bringing that girl up with class.


Blogger meg@mandarin said...

When children disappear...what a little lady to get properly dressed to go visiting.

I've been seeing the little girls in the photographs with a lot of personality showing through. Very tempting to borrow one but I borrowed the calla instead.

This is a great idea to have a guest blogger (my typo was "ghost" blogger ;-) but corrected it. Have a great Sunday.

8/11/04 05:37  
Blogger PunkClown said...

Thanks for popping in Michelle, I tried to reply to this before but blogger was having a wobbly.
Yes, we felt positively sick when she went missing. It is amazing how quick they can be, and amazing just how much these incidents bring home to you how precious the wee ones are to your heart.

8/11/04 13:44  
Blogger meg@mandarin said...

I liked the story enough to tell Rob about it. It sounded so cute, the kid stories that make us smile.

9/11/04 16:24  

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