Sunday, November 21, 2004

Four Seasons In One day...

(This post is actually a week old, because I kept getting timed out when trying to publish it..ah well) what they say about our town. It proved it the other day when in the space of 2 hours I saw bright sunshine and blue sky, followed by rapidly advancing dark (lowering) clouds, then rain, then drizzle then clear again for about ten minutes with a cool breeze, then very windy and finally hail for about 5 minutes. Then sunshine again...
One thing you can say is that it is never boring weather-wise! Some suburbs suffered flash floods, so we were relatively lucky where we live. Wherever you are I hope the weather is not too unruly.

Let me tell you about what has been happening:
Monday: Woke early, packed the car, attended to a few things that needed attending to online. Attended to a few things that needed attending to offline. Attempted to post the above "four seasons" entry several times and failed. Managed to herd the family into the car and headed for South Gippsland. Had a holiday (sort of) more to follow...


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