Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Enough of the angst...

Well, I was certainly a bit upset last night, eh? I don't know - sometimes family and emotions and history can get a bit strange. I still love my eldest brother, but have no idea at all about how he feels about me but that is not really the point is it. He lives his life, I live mine...and we are who we are and are defined by what we do and not what we say blah, blah and all that pseudo philosophical psychobabble. Whoopie-doo.
Back to the salt-mines tomorrow. I have had a very nice holiday, thank you very much but my wife will be glad to have a break from me no doubt, having tolerated my presence for a good 4 weeks, poor girl. So you can expect a return to the chronicles of fun-filled, exciting, (yawn) day to day dramas of my local emergency department very soon... Christmas time and the holiday season means substance abuse, depression and not a very happy time for some members of the community, so we should spare a thought (and perhaps an E.D. trolley) for them. It also heralds lots of strange behaviour from seemingly "normal" people, whatever normal means. It's not called the silly season for nothing. Ho bloody Ho.


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