Tuesday, December 30, 2003

New Template ~

work in progress, still sorting a few things out...constructive critique/feedback welcome!
addit: OK, it's looking a bit shite in Netscape...the graphic is being overlaid with the posts...a bit more css tweakage is needed methinks. Doesn't look too bad (even though I say so myself) in IE 6 however (from what I can see)
OK, sorted that and placed a random image javascript code to update some banner images (above) there's only a few so far but if you refresh the page a few times you can see them all...(Wowie-Zowie) I think I have finished fiddling here now...I will probably have an attack of the "WTF have I dones?" tomorrow and change it all back to the two column style...but in the meantime, goodnight! Which reminds me...I must get to Renderosity and check the 2D forum threads there tomorrow, thank heavens I have one day off at least!


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