Sunday, December 14, 2003

Thinking about Christmas Gifts

I just had a bit of a rant (or something) over at Scott's blog Darklemon in reply to this post ~ the discussion was about buying Christmas gifts, and a couple of people were razzin Scott because he gets vouchers. Here's what I said:
I think whatever we choose retail consumer wise is so-so, vouchers, gifts, whatever. Hand made things mean the most, even if it's a hand drawn card with a jar of jam you made yourself, whether you can draw or make jam well or not. You get the idea...These things mean something to those who love us, and even those who don't. What we should REALLY DO, we who are so "effluent" (Thanks Kath & Kim) is NOT buy presents for each other at all, we who already have so much STUFF, that we don't know where to put half of it most of the time..(which is why we shop at Ikea too, so we can find smarter ways to organize our STUFF so it looks semi-stylish) ~ No, what we should do is spend the money (or at least half of it) that we would ordinarily spend on our fellows (who already have enough stuff anyway, so wtf) on something like Medicins San Frontiers or the World Wildlife Fund or something REALLY significant. No I'm not trying to put our retailers out of business, I'm just bouncing ideas (and maybe having a bit of a rant, sorry Scott) Peace on Earth, Goodwill to ALL.
What do you think?


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