Sunday, December 07, 2003


Hi! I've been at work, being busy, busy, busy ~ with busy bodies, very busy...getting nowhere...
Well that's not quite true is it. Even when standing still we are still moving with the planet as it revolves eastward (from where you and I are standing) Not forgetting the Earth is also zooming around the sun on it's orbital path as the solar system itself moves about the galaxy...Our front balcony faces eastward. I like that. On a clear night I sometimes stand on the balcony watching the individual stars rise in front of me, and imagine I am on the bridge of an enormous ship, looking out as the new horizons of the universe unfold before me. It's a beautiful thang...
Thank you Graham from Sydney for visiting my guestbook, I hope life is treating you well! Before I forget, in the spirit of Mandarin Design (the idea certainly spurred by meg's image gallery and my wish to contribute to it) I have these thumbnails for you to snag and use if you wish! Thanks Meg, it is a good idea, if you want to borrow these for your gallery, please do, your server is probably more reliable than mine (I've found it (my isp) and consequently my main web page and images I link to) to be down a couple of times too many in the last few weeks. I don't know why, but my gif file sizes are relatively large, I probably need to limit the palette or something. I don't actually use gifs that much, I usually use the "save for the web" functions in photoshop to get small file sizes in my jpegs...Cheers all!
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