Thursday, November 27, 2003

Creative Slump...

Current State
of Mind...
Sleep deprivation combined with an apathy of my creative spirit has caught me in a creative limbo...apart from the Calla Lilly I painted using Painter 8 on my Wacom, I have not done much at all...I want to play with Expression again, I love that program, you can do so much with it...(btw ~ if you want to see a simple example of one of my Expression drawings look at my White Swan) Oh yes, it would be good to find the energy, but after a day of...futzing and fussin and fightin, ah...I don't know....*sigh* On the upside, I have been creative in some ways by increasing my css knowledge and tweakage skills, I suppose...I have redisigned my creature features (The individual Bird Song and Aquarium Denizen pages) in the "other" area of the site with a great deal of illuminated guidance and help from looking at some of the great coding examples to be found at


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