Monday, November 24, 2003

Happy Birthday to Meg, Congrats for Kat, and for Pat, More on The Lord Of The Rings "The Two Towers"! (Yes, this is

the longest post title I have ever done) ~ First let me say to Meg Happy Birthday!, sorry I'm late! Can I then say to Kat, not only congratulations on finally getting a message through on the recalcitrant enetatation, but congrats on winning the "Title My Untitled NanoWriMo Novel" contest at Utter Wonder! I hope that lottery ticket does well for you too!
Pat, I hope you get your copy of the extended DVD soon, but however long it takes it is worth the wait...just set aside a good week for yourself to savour it...I have just spent the last 3 hours being absorbed in the 2nd appendices disk, which goes into amazing detail about how the film score, orchestration, sound effects and foley etc. were put together, and this was just in one section of the disc that dealt with the audio on the film. I have also watched the warriors, stunts, filming, production and direction logistics with awe...Viggo Mortenson comes across as being one of the most dedicated actors to have ever played a part...I have still to watch much of the first appendices...but that is also fascinating, if just for the aforementioned "Taming of Sméagol" Am I ranting? Raving on a bit? Hmmm...I should probably go to bed then!
[Current Audio Stimuli: Descent into the Underworld - Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire VI (04:08)]


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