Thursday, November 06, 2003

I was offline for a bit today

~ as my modem decided to have a wobbly for a while, don't know why...The wife who is the wonderful purchased a new computer desk for me (hell, my first computer desk, I've always gotten by with makeshift desks which were probably bad for posture etc. previously) Most of the afternoon was spent assembling it, as it came flat-packed and in pieces, but luckily I have had much Ikea immersive experience (no it wasn't from Ikea, but it could have been) so the process wasn't as stressful as it might have I have a grrrrooovey new desk and the feng shui of the whole room is much better! However, I digress. Of course it was necessary for the computer to be unplugged and cables rethreaded and so forth...So this was done, but once everything was hooked up again, the little leds on the modem just didn't light up as they usually do. I plugged the little devil into a few different power sockets with no joy, then took it out and whacked it upside its casing a few times...and on trying it after this, it worked [note: I do not advocate use of force against inanimate ( or animate) objects, but in this case it was effective] So here I am, but only to say to anyone from Renderosity who is wondering where I am...I'm here, I just tried to check in on the 2D forum and the site was down for the scheduled maintenance, so apologies, but I will get to the threads tomorrow (as I'm going to bed soon) To you people and to everyone else: peace love and mungbeans!
[Listening to: Impossible Guitars [Roxy Music] - Phil Manzanera - Manzanera Collection Disc 1 (03:41)]


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