Monday, November 03, 2003

Telly tonight...

~ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom....OK, Indy is fun, but...hell I've seen it how many times now? Oh, the Movie Show with Margaret and David...gotta love those two, and they do fairly good movie reviews as well, if only I could get decent reception for SBS...Ah now, here's an interesting one...Hairy Women. A documentary with nudity and sex references... *raises eyebrows a millimetre or two* Ummm...the perennial favorite of course: Home Shopping but too late for me, and I'm afraid I'm not a very good consumer really...

A spider is a program that searches out sites by following links. Mostly they are used by search engines to log new sites. On a site with a multitude of internal crosslinks a spider may try and to follow down all of them and overloaded the servers. This is bad. To stop such a thing from grinding a busy site to a halt one would have to effectively lock down the site by "battening the hatches" Spiders are both cool and not cool .. on one hand it gets you more web traffic on the other hand ...

This interesting information above I have paraphrased from a colleague at 'rosity. I often find myself stopping, shaking my head and looking at our modern life now...Like, I am walking around inside a science fiction novel of the kind I may have read when I was a teenager. Sites like large organisms, being virii and bots that correlate to living pathological agents, not necessarily malicious in intent, just doing what they do...What a spin out man!

btw, I am still using w.bloggar and am really loving it, you can see what music I am currently listening to by virtue of me just hitting F 11 ...this box and associated text styles etc. is brought to you by the F 1 key...I tell you, it's pretty cool!
addit: This is weird however..I just noticed that the "Listening to" option has displayed the album title as "Fifteen Wild Septembers" when it is actually "Fifteen Wild Decembers" - that would be more to do with the windows media search database than the bloggar software however!

[Listening to: Six Wings of Bliss - Geoff Smith; Nicola Walker Smith - Fifteen Wild Septembers (06:34)]


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