Saturday, November 01, 2003

This is a cool tool!

 ::w.bloggar::   via creativity machine

Testing ::w.bloggar:: to see if it works. Ohhh it's nearly 0500hrs so i'll probably break something....hmmmm lets see, shall we? COOL! It works! I suppose I'll work out how to get the post title in, but I only just started playing with this. At the moment I am using it's edit post tools, without having to log into my blogger account...So OKDOKEY Looks like it has promise, so here's a plug (above) for it too! Now I better go to bed...don't want to slip too much into nightshift mode again!
Michelle (meg) asks: it works?
Too right it does! It has all sorts of goodies such as custom tag options and the like! I have already customized ctrl-F1 to give me my
post title
~ addit: - I just visited creativity machine again and Jean has already explained how to get your post titles so I can free up the ctrl-F1 tab for something else...I was obviously sleep deprived last night and missed that!
I have also defined ctrl-F2 to give me
this box
and I have only just started. You can edit your main template and so forth and preview it all quite quickly. Not to mention the convenience of being able to enter, edit and save entries without having to be online...the next time you go on line you can simply publish then. I personally think it's a pretty cool tool and will be using it a fair bit I'd say...Check it out for yourself. *GRIN*punks head


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