Thursday, October 30, 2003

New Links

~ If it wasn't for blogging, I would not have been led to re-evaluate my site layout and design. I'm talking css here. For the last few years I was content to use my self-taught HTML to get by, but with what I have seen in the last few months, I have come to realize that visual representation of information (which remember, is not necessarily knowledge) and graphic content on the web CAN be smoother, faster, better looking and contain less calories, as well as doubling as a handy kitchen accessory that dices, slices, minces and...Oh, but where was I?
I was looking at Biroco last night as I often do, and was admiring the new gallery there of some drawings that the author created whilst rising above a depressive state (see the relevant thread here) After perusing the gallery and reading his recent entries, I got curious about the web resource links he had on his site, so jumped to a few. So useful did I find these links that I decided to create a new blogroll section and linked a few of them there ~ not so much "reinvent the wheel" but to attempt to spread the good word on design and style. I particularly liked the css zen garden for it's fascinating real world example of how form separated from content can work in aesthetic and surprising ways. I may have a try at designing a style for that one myself! Any way, regarding the css/web design links, I shall endevour to update and add to them in the future as I discover more of the "good dope" Who knows, maybe one day i may even learn from these resources...Thanks again to Stephen err Joel, uh...the guy who maintains Biroco...whoever you are, you're a good bloke!


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