Sunday, October 19, 2003

Have a heart?

In the spirit of Mandarin Design's offering sample code and stuff *nod in meg's direction* ~ I have played around with swf embedding if anyone is interested in how to do it. Also if anyone wishes to use my little ecg for any reason (I'm not sure what you would like to use it for, maybe a decoration to your page)...feel free to link to it using this code:

- It should look like this:

You don't need to center it of course, you can align or float it left or right or whatever depending on your taste...Also in the spirit of Mandarin Design's "style wars" I have tried putting a box around the swf, but not very properly done I am'll see why...I started by saying:
You may wish to wrap it in a nice box or two using span styles...Mandarin Design has heaps of examples and sample code to get you started in this I will pop a couple of borders around the ecg:

- hopefully will look like this:

~ except for some reason my box seems to be missing its left edges...hmmm? What am I doing wrong? (not enough coffee?) Guess I'll have to work some more on these box-things, but I have to go to work soon...Ummm....oh bother! Just goes to show that I should leave example codes to the experts, but at least the first example for embedding swf's works...instead of my url for the ecg.swf you can pop in the addy of any swf you may have on your server, change the appropriate width and height parameters, and there you go!


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