Sunday, October 12, 2003

Meeting with Möe

Also today I had the pleasant experience of meeting with a fellow moderator from Renderosity - a young chap named Möebius (well that's his online name, like mine is "PunkClown") he is visiting in Melbourne for a few days (from the Philippines) so we managed to catch up and meet in TRW...we managed to fit it a window inbetween him doing touristy things like Bus Tours down the west coast of Victoria to see the sea, and Penguin Tours and stuff... He is a really interesting chap to talk with, and I found we had a lot in common, like our "Heavy Metal" magazine collection and love of fine art...Here we are in front of "The Clocks" at Flinder's Street Railway Station, a traditional meeting place in Melbourne to link up with people....the sun came out, we had a chat, a cappuchino & a wander around the Ian Potter Museum of Australian Art and it was good and it was fun! Oh, Mumbo's just rocked up the driveway to visit and look after the children for the evening whilst the good-looking-one and I eat out...(Yay Grandma!) so I probably should go! Cheers!


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