Saturday, October 04, 2003

Thanks Gary!

I have just come home from work and noticed that Gary from TFS Reluctant has left a couple of comments on the blog...thank you Gary, for taking the time to comment, and for reminding me to listen to my old Frank Zappa LP's again! I am a bit embarrassed because, in my caffeine depleted state this morning, I had left a plea at Meg's blog for people to visit and leave comments here...I guess I was feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself at seeing all the little "comments(0)" underneath most of my posts...of course I shouldn't expect feedback if my blog hasn't got anything of substance to feed back on...also there's the little thing of how are people going to even know about this particular node in the time-space-web continuum? I also feel as if I have not had anything intelligent (or particularly witty) to say lately...when I do some random blog-surfing I see so much intelligent and informative discourse on many subjects and why can't I write stuff like that? LOL...then I wonder....why have I become so interested in this blogging thing, and why should I worry if anyone reads this particular blog or not anyway? Is it pointless to have a blog that no-one, or very few people read? If a tree falls in the forest etc...? Am I just a pathetic egotist, shouting "Me me me" into the void?
Addit: Later that night... um, yes I probably am...(an egotist, hopefully not too pathetic) *heheh* Oh...and thanks to you too akito!


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