Monday, September 29, 2003

Stephen Downes and Learning Objects

Boy this man is interesting to read/experience/learn from...I have just had a look at some of the interesting information/discussion/ideas about the forms of learning and the new phenomenon of the web, weblogs etc. at Stephen's site...anyone who has ever attempted to learn something (that's everyone folks) or attempted to teach anything (I'm pretty sure that would be almost everyone too) may find this stuff extremely interesting. For example:

Learning as an Emergent Property
  • Composition: the whole is greater than the parts - bricks, atoms, pixels

  • The content is not contained in the parts, it emerges from the combination of parts

  • The use of learning objects consists not in stringing them together, like a narrative, but in arranging them, like (a painting, an orchestra, a sand castle,...)

  • ~ an extract from Stephen Downes presentation: Learning Objects in a Wider Context National Research Council Canada CADE 2003, June 9, 2003 more about Stephen's Web here ...really really interesting. Of course I had considered the various ways the web and new technologies could influence learning and education, but Stephen and others like him get into this subject deep! I'm not sure how all this ties in with Frank's mantra about "Information is not knowledge, Knowlege is not wisdom" etc...but I really like how thinking about these things stimulates the old brain cells!


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