Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Back online...

Only some really high winds, I can't imagine what people who experience the likes of Isabel go through. Well, the nice telophony man came today and climbed his ladder a few times to reconnect our telephone line! Yippee! Logged onto my email server and found 120 ebots from Renderosity! Hell, I've only been offline 5 days! *chuckle* Anyway, I have managed to update the EARBUG ADVENTURE ← (click here to see it)...changed around the stop frame and roll-over effects of the bug and ear and know, the things you do with flash when you can't connect online and fiddle about doing other things (like blog surfing and blog posting as well as Renderosity stuff) I also revamped the last "Latest Image" to reflect a more Matrix-type theme, as I just watched the first film again the other there you go! akito ~ now that I'm back on, let me know what you want me to change re your links...thanks to you and dyo for your concern, I am nowhere near the hurricanes in the U.S.A. I live in Australia, where (in my part anyway) we have simply been having very high winds, as opposed to very scary hurricanes!


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