Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Piano plays in the background...

as I type this entry. The back lawn (well the flat portion) has been mowed this afternoon, and I have shifted some dirt around...very benificial for my biceps according to the boss. It also helps prevent the development of a belly, which is always a danger now my metabolism has geared down a bit with age...*hehheh* I've gone back to basics and included a rollover code for my everwatchful eye, try it...actually there are a few things in this blog that are interactive if you play with them (well ok, maybe three...I don't know...) If you want a different interactive experience involving "art" and audio go here and play with the thingy under the title description. Anyhow thanks to SOBA and akito and Dean for leaving feedback. It's nice to know that I am not alone...(unless of course the solopists are right - see this link, it's down the bottom of the list) Bye! (or buy if you are a capitalist)


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