Sunday, September 07, 2003

Fathers Day -

It is father's day in Australia. I believe this ritual is held at other times of the year in different parts of the world. Perhaps other cultures besides the Western culture have similar types of rituals, but I must admit that my anthropological knowledge does not stretch that far. I find the whole idea bemusing I must Mother's day and birthdays and the like, one may be deluded into having some great expectations that this day is going to be SPECIAL - I mean, after all...I'm a father (mother/birthday-type-person) aren't I? And then you wake up...after a "sleep in" if you are lucky enough to have a partner who will give you that grace...and the children are still fighting with each other, the tap still needs a new washer and the lawn still needs mowing etc etc...HEY! What happened? All these things are meant to magically disappear just for this day at least! It's FATHER'S DAY after all! Yeah...right! *chuckle* :-)>


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