Sunday, August 24, 2003


Quiet to start with...then the pace picks up at around 1000hrs. How many people can come in with D & V on a Sunday morning? Quite a few it would seem! Later on, it became obvious to me that this was a Renal colic day. Strangely, cases in ED tend to arrive in specific patterns ~ not a mixture of different diagnoses each day, but different pathologies of the day for each day, if that makes sense...If it was a case of many food poisonings presenting the next day comprised of locals who had eaten at a dodgy local retaurant, that would be understandable...but 6 cases of fractured left thumb all in the space of one morning? Or three different people all falling from three different ladders in three different locations and lacerating their scalp in the same place in one day? It's just plain weird sometimes! Anyhow, today there seemed to be a lot of kidney stones floating about (or more accurately getting lodged in ureters and occasionally passing):-)>


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