Friday, August 22, 2003

Lots of young ones

...through the department today. Initially the afternoon started off with a five year old boy who had a febrile convulsion when his Mum popped him in the bath, much to her consternation. He had had one in the past so she sort of knew what was going on...A febrile convulsion by the way, is usually triggered by a rapid rise in temperature rather than a high temperature itself...the child was quite alright post convulsion, slept it off for a bit and was alert and active, not distressed at all when roused. He was reviewed by one of the senior medical staff and discharged, only to return through the doors 2 minutes later having another convulsion. We kept him in for an overnight stay this time....
Then there was a two year old curly headed girl who was cute as a button, but wasn't moving her left arm at all...diagnosis: pulled elbow - a simple manipulation and she was right as rain, waving both hands in the air like she just dont care.
Next we had an 11 year old with appendicitis. He was a brave lad and very interested in the IV and tests and so forth. He found great amusement in making the pulse oximetery graph tracing wiggle about by wiggling his finger. He was prepped for theatre; nil orally, IV fluids up etc.
Just before my shift was up a thirteen year old boy came in via ambulance with full thickness and partial thickness burns to both his legs and thighs, he and some mates had been playing with petrol and a cigarette lighter...*sigh*


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