Friday, August 22, 2003

Apre work: Shit

Damn...crap day, every patient had inaccesible veins, everything was complex, people were going hypoxic and ripping their IV's out, blood everywhere, cats & dogs living together, seeemingly end of the world as we know it stuff (well, not really) etc etc and to top it off, when I come home, my missus informs me that according to the MIMs companion my abnormal blood results relating to my Liver function (GGT) could possibly indicate pancreatitis, hepatitis or a tumour...I mean that's bound to cheer me up. Then again, it could be years of exposure to differing pharmacuetical preparations, antibiotics and such like in my job that could be throwing these levels out. Then I get sworn at because I have a bit of a whinge about the eldest wetting her bed...poor poppet. I know I'm a complainer sometimes, I really try not to be, I'm just tired after a shit day at work and a bit concerned regarding my liver, which I never abused with alcohol, so why is it being naughty? I'm glad Mrs. P.C. loves me and puts up with me anyhow...I'll try and look on the bright side a bit...and start a "liver cleansing" diet! Ah well...There's always tomorrow anyway....:-)>


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