Monday, August 25, 2003

I am bloody tired...

this winter is hitting everyone hard. There has been a nasty nasty virus making the rounds that has affected a lot of people from all age groups, so we have seen more respiratory ailments than normal. Relatively young (30's, 40's) people coming in with pnuemonia and the like...exacerbated asthma from upper respiratory infections, snuffly crook babes. So the turnover through the department is high. Adding to this problem is the fact that medical and nursing staff are vulnerable to these ailments also - after all, cut us, do we not bleed? Just about every shift is one or two staff members down and it is not always easy to procure replacements...
So, I'm bloody tired, and a bit bloody too I think, at least my shirt is...the last IV I put in was a real bleeder (it doesn't help that I accidently released pressure on the end of the cannula in the process of getting blood for pathology from it) Enough ramblings. I hope anyone and all who may accidently be reading this are healthy and happy.


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