Sunday, August 31, 2003


Sunday afternoon: Patients have been trickling in - gradually sometimes, then all at once at other times, as they do. At some stages the queue of people at the window is 5-6 long. My colleague Rebecca wants to redirect this screen to yahoo for the purpose of checking her mail, so I will indulge her being the great bloke that I am...more later...logging off!
Later: OK, she has satisfied her desire to read fowarded jokes from her friends and has left for her area. I have just taken a smoke inhalation victim through for her tender ministrations. Not much traffic again now...we don't mention the "Q" word as ED nurses are a superstitious bunch who believe that uttering the "Q" word will immediately bring hordes of patients and ambulances to our doors...I am now looking across the waiting room at a sweet rosy cheeked 4-year old with a bit of a temperature, but she's not distressed with it, so that is a good sign. She was yawning all through my assessment of her and I think the condition has been transmi....break break
~ well it is 3/24 later now, and I am at home. I was going to say that the yawning contagion was caught by me, but it suddenly got busy at that very moment, no time to type (or yawn)...funny old thing triage...oh well. I'm home, I'm going to bed and i'm going back to work in approximately 7 & 1/2 hours time, so I hope I sleep ok tonight...


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