Sunday, September 07, 2003

Later that night...

Boy am I worn out! Well, I had quite a lovely father's day really. I was presented with a beautiful drawing of me - stick arms, pot belly, balloon head with a small tuft of hair on top, yep, pretty accurate representation! This was framed in a lovely silver sprayed pasta encrusted masterpiece that I will always cherish (along with the drawing)...and a hand-made card with various details from my eldest one's brain about how she perceives me ~ Q: How old is your Dad? A: Two numbers I think Q: What is his favourite food? A: Lollies and Chocolate and nothing else! ( - they call that transference folks, I swear it doesn't apply to me!) The children also managed to get me a copy of The Fellowship of The Ring (the book) which I haven't read in AGES, but am pleased to start again, my interest being rekindled by Peter Jackson's wonderful epic film translations of Tolkein. My sister and brother-in-law popped over at lunchtime with my neices, and that was lovely too, and then we went to the parent's in law for Father's Day Dinner, where I of course ate too much! I'm going to bed now, to sleep the sleep of the fortunate. Good night all...


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