Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Anime Manga and the like...

Thanks to my visitors in the tagboard interface, I have been thinking about Anime & Manga and wondering if I could actually do any decent artwork in that style? I shall explore that creative direction I the moment I am still working on a new "Latest Image" image. Speaking of Manga and Anime, my experience is limited to "AKIRA", "The ANIMATRIX" and "SPIRITED AWAY"...not much experience, huh? ~ actually, now I think about it, when I was younger I used to watch AstroBoy, Prince Planet and Gigantor all the time, and loved those shows so I guess I was into early forms of this stuff before most of you were born!
*I was wondering - in such a diverse (and yet related) collection of animations such as those found in "The Animatrix" - which one do you like and why? (Please leave comments at the comments thingy below this entry if you are interested in partaking in this discussion) At first I really didn't like "World Record" but then, as I watched it a few times I found myself starting to really like it, probably for the same reasons I thought I didn't like it in the first place; the unusual and original graphic style utilised in the really is unique! I also liked "Beyond" probably because, as a kid (hell, as of right now) I would really have loved to find a place like own little "glitch" in the matrix!


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