Monday, September 15, 2003


I have a shocking headache tonight, and have been having some strange and disturbing dreams lately. I mean I normally have strange dreams...Go figure, but some I have had recently have been nightmares. I guess I'm just a tad tired or something...Or perhaps it has to do with some of the sad cases that have been coming through casualty lately...OD's, attempted suicides and people whose bodies are falling apart at a young age simply because they have been practicing a form of slow suicide by virtue of various heavy substance abuse for an extended period of time...Some of the worst substances are legal ones in the western world BTW, Alcohol and Nicotine...for example, we had a guy come in today who had had 10 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) admissions in the past....due to respiratory problems...but what I don't understand is that he knew he was a severe asthmatic and he was still smoking!! Maybe he wants to die young, I don't know......his X-Ray showed the chronic changes associated with obstructive pulmonary problems that you would normally expect to see in someone quite a bit older...but he was only 23. We didn't do too much for him as his main problem seemed to be anxiety and attitude today, his Sats were quite good on room air really, he was just behaving really weird...who knows what goes on in the minds of other people? A few Ventolin nebs later and he was discharging himself against medical advice.
Don't get me wrong...I am no angel myself, I used to smoke pot as my recreational substance of choice in the past. I just changed my attitude when I became a parent, as I wanted to be able to be a little bit more responsible in case I was ever required to be a sober and mature person by my kids (and my wife) if they ever really needed me to be...I think having children changes some people's behavioural patterns, some people don't change. I am still as big a dick-head, behave as insanely as I did and have as much fun (if not more) when I was a bit of a stoner, I am just not shackled to the inherent chemical changes that could detrimentally affect my conscious state, reasoning ability & motor skills etc. that needed time for my physiological processes to clear away!


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