Thursday, September 11, 2003

Too tired to add much...

at the moment, stayed up late last night watching "The Two Towers" - yes, again! ...and stuff like that...Spent an enjoyable hour or so replying to insults, bullshit and misinterpretations by a certain obtuse member at renderosity ~ lol...can you believe that it all started over a discussion about an image showing clitoral piercing, yep, that's right!...anyway this person just loves obfuscating things by making untrue statements, but I don't think he would ever admit being wrong even if his life depended on it! One thing I found most amusing is that this tosser actually accused me of taking myself too seriously...ROFLMAO, hell, I gave up doing that...oh, ermmm what time is it now?...oh, and I have been working on my images/artwork if I could call it that. New one up today, next I think I will go back to some traditional drawing (you know...pen, pencil and paper) and try anime or manga style.


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